Our policy

Held integrity to partners, put on good uniform, good humor, good life

Manufacturing Innovation

The company focuses on sustainable development and continued.

Including the introduction of new innovative used in the production.

A plot and Pattern program

Programs for do pattern, Copyright by Toray, Japan, the international standard

Colla fuse

Fuse compressed the shirt collar, so it is smooth throughout the lifespan.

Thread cutter

To increase the speed of packaging and shipping.

Shirt pocket block compressed machine

Shirt pocket compress by using block to meet the standard.

Production method

We produce all by own. This makes the product meet the quality and standards.

Cutting Department

The company uses modern tools to draw pattern to get international standards. Customers can be assured that it meets the size requirements.

Ironing Department

Ironing and decorative every pieces before sewing, to meet the standards.

Sewing Department

Separate pieces sewn into the divisions by a team of quality and experience. To get a standard sewing job. Sewing by 12-13 seams per inch.

Packing Department

Quality checking and counting. Sorting by size correctly before delivery to customers.


We have a team of experienced sales and consulting willingly.