Pattern Form , we are manufacturing for all garments and uniform - both custom made and ready to wear clothes.
Ours products T-shirt, POLO, Jackets, Mechanic Jumpsuit etc.

We have best advice for those who new in garment ; Product's pattern, Fabric's Pros and Cons and Budget advisement

Quality is company standout on garment products, as we very emphasize on the manufacturing process. Every pieces are reached to ours's standard. There is on third party involved as we are the manufacturer ourselves

Product's material are selected only the finest.

We only offer the first class service to our customer

Pattern FormUniform is what we do”

PATTERN FORM CO.,LTD. operates in manufacture and distribution of uniforms for more than 20 years, the company is the manufacturer directly, thus we closely supervise the production-process for very best quality product. We have provide specialists and sales for very best consultation of fabrics and materials which suited for each individual working environment, please feel free to LINE ADD : @patternform or Email for more inquires

"Polo-shirt, Machanic Shop Shirt and all factory-uniforms
Pattern Form "

"Uniform is not only the brand ambassador for company"the quality and fabric materials to match the various work environments are need to be considered as well. Pattern form is more than welcome to give the advise for what best for customer, only contact us

Pattern Form operates in factory-uniform more than 25 years, which made us very expertise in Mechanic Shop Shirt for factory workerthe quality and design of products are guarantee from many top-league customers in Thailand

"Benefactors Customers"

Thanks to leading companies use uniform from PATTERN FORM CO.,LTD.