We care about every detail at every stage of production

We are manufacturer; our customers are in many industries

around Bangkok and other provinces.

“We expert about the uniform”

PATTERN FORM CO.,LTD. operates in manufacture and distribution of uniforms for more than 20 years,

the company is the manufacturer directly. And because we supervised production own all,

the product is in accordance with the requirements and standards. We have a team of technical and sales with the consultation of fabrics and materials that suitable for each style. From the past,

we have continued to improve the quality, consistency and meet customer needs as much as possible. By adhering to the integrity and quality of the product as a guide to action,

to reward customers who have come to trust over the time.

Production method

Pieces of sewn were separated into the divisions to have the expertise and standard product.

Sewing by 12-13 seams per inch.

Fuse compressed the shirt collar, so it is smooth throughout the lifespan.

Shirt pocket compress by using block to meet the standard.

Venus's pants zipper auto block. (Zipper head will lock by itself without scrolling down).

Hook pants, do not rusty, selected good equipment to produce and standard.

Benefactors Customers

Thanks to leading companies use uniform from PATTERN FORM CO.,LTD.